Telecommunication and CDS

GMB automatic LTD, a production, trade and service company, was founded in Nova Pazova in 1961.
The Company specializes in the production of telecommunication and CDS (Cable Distribution System) equipment.

In order to meet the demand in the fields of telecommunication and CDS systems we developed and started the production of freestanding polyester cabinets in 2005.

By professional training of our staff and following the new technologies in the field of optical cables and their equipment in 2006 we began the production of termination boxes for optical cables and installation of the world's leading manufacturers' passive equipment.

Why GMB Automatik?

Besides the development strategy, we aim for further gains in market share, both locally and internationally, as we are not afraid to be the leader and, at the same time, different from the others.

Therefore there are also four fundamental questions regarding our company:

  • Where are we today?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How to get there?
  • How to evaluate our progress

Answer to all these questions can be found in hundreds of thousands of installed equipment units included in the wide range of our products. The quality and standard complying of our products have been certified by TEST CERTIFICATES and approvals of the Republic Telecommunication Agency.

GMB presents

Our product range:

Electrical distribution polyester cabinets:

  • Freestanding electrical distribution metering cabinet
  • Mounting plate for electricity meter
  • Cabinet pillar bracket
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